torsdag 1. november 2012

About me

I am grateful for all the people who bothered to find some answers

I currently have a serious concrete craze

I know

I sincerely dislike dancing

I always wanted to be a secret agent

I realize that colors stresses me

I thought Madonna was awesome .... for about 15 minutes in the eighties

I admire creative people

I prefer studio music

I've never tried it, but am sure Mooncup is not my cup of tea

I like beautiful design

I like to walk around at home wearing no pants

I think Paris smells.

I'm afraid of clowns, but because this anxiety seems to be so trendy, I just pretend like I'm cool

I like music from the good, old days

I love eating out

I was really bored during this guy's consert

I don't need any mirror

I believe Simone de Beauvoir was paranoid. Men are not that smart.

I think it's ok to think inside the box while everybody else is occupied thinking outside the box

I believe I'm quite good in arts & crafts

I'm not a happy camper.
Actually, I'm not a camper at all

I rarely remember what I should not forget

I've always had a thing for samoans

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